Moons of Blackstone - 40k 8th ed. Campaign Day (Sun 22nd March 2020) - Beanie Games

Moons of Blackstone - 40k 8th ed. Campaign Day (Sun 22nd March 2020)

Hosted by Beanie Games

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Beanie Games Presents... Moons of Blackstone Campaign                                  40K 8th ed campaign day.

Sunday 22nd March
Tickets £12 (on sale until 17th March, 30 player cap) - available in-store or online
Doors open at 10am, games start at 10:30am.
The plan:
Round 1, 10:30 till 12:30
Lunch break 12:30 to 13:00
Round 2, 13:00 till 15:00
Round 3 15:15 till 17:15
(times are flexible)
Finishes by 6pm.
30 Player Cap.
1250 points limit
Single Battalion Detachment only, no others allowed.
Single Codex lists only, no Index
All armies must be battleforged
When time is called on each round, complete the action you are on eg shooting with a unit.
All lists MUST be submitted by a paid in participant no later than Wednesday 18th March, no exceptions.
(when submitting lists, please use Battlescribe or other basic text medium, no rules and no pdf's, just points only included)
Prizes to be awarded for best painted, best themed army and most sporting.
Additional prizes may be awarded on the day
*Be sure to guarantee your participation in the event by booking your ticket now in-store or online*