Magic: Modern European Series (Constructed) Sun 28th July - Beanie Games

Magic: Modern European Series (Constructed) Sun 28th July

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IMPORTANT!!! Please read before attending.....

£10 ENTRY (with one participation booster)

You can UPGRADE your entry with up to two additional Modern Horizons participation boosters at only £5 per booster.

We are trying to encourage players to try this event that would otherwise be discouraged by the high entry cost.
The intention is to give players the experience with little risk, hopefully giving them the confidence to enter tournaments with higher prize pools.

There are NO PRIZES at this event other than the winner will receive an invite to a Modern Series Finals.

You WILL however recieve one Modern Horizons booster when you drop or get knocked out of the cut as a thank-you for supporting the event.

Doors open 10am
Registration Closes at 11:00am

Head Judge will be Paul Crosby
Competitive REL
MODERN format.
You will need a deck list.

While youre here, why not take advatage of our library of over 300 board games.

There's FREE PARKING in the adjacent Wellington Square car park and all the Council car parks on a Sunday. We are 2 mins walk from Stockton station and 15 mins walk from Thornaby station.

FOOD will be available on the day including Hot Dogs and Sandwiches.