Magic the Gathering: Ravnica Allegiance Pre-Release (19th/20th Jan 2019) - Beanie Games

Magic the Gathering: Ravnica Allegiance Pre-Release (19th/20th Jan 2019)

Hosted by Beanie Games

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Join us for exciting pre-release events for the next set of Magic the Gathering: Ravnica Allegiance.
£20 entry per event. 
Fri 18th Jan Midnight (3 rounds, approx 3:30am finish)
Sat 19th Jan 11am (3 rounds, approx 2:30pm finish)
Sat 19th Jan 6pm  (3 rounds, approx 9:30pm finish)
Sun 20th Jan 11am (will finish by 4pm)
Sun 20th Jan 4pm (2 Headed Giant)
All entrants receive six boosters, a Spindown life counter and promo items. Ravnica Allegiance boosters will be put in the prize pool for each entrant. All players will receive at least one additional booster.
For this release, each pre-release pack will be 'seeded' for a particular Guild.  You can select your preferred guild at the time of booking.   We have  a limited number of each guild for each event, so please book early to secure your first choice.
The Guilds are as follows:-
Azorius (White/Blue)
Gruul (Red/Green)
Orzhov (Black/White)
Rakdos (Red/Black)
Simic (Green/Blue)

The Sat 11am and 6pm events are casual events with flat prize support. Everyone at these two sessions with receive 2 boosters prize support at the end of the event.
Sun 11am and 2HG events will, where possible, be run for a maximum of four rounds. 
Midnight event will be three rounds.
For these three events there will be a minimum one booster prize support per player with the remaining boosters weighted to the top half of the final standings.
Be the first to experience this brand new set.

This is an E-ticket - No physical tickets will be posted, simply show your order confirmation on the day.