Yu-Gi-Oh! Club

Our Yu-Gi-Oh! club runs every Saturday from 10am-6pm.


Welcome to the world of Yu-Gi-Oh!.
Our weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! club is suitable from ages 8 to adult.
The day starts from 10am with casual games.
You can learn to play, trade and duel with friends in a safe environment.

Tournament starts 1pm.
Please register in good time.
Tournament entry is £5.50 (or £3.50 without participation booster or OTS pack)
Entry for casual play is just £2.50.
The tournament is open to all ages.

There's extra boosters for top 4... plus...
everyone who completes the tournament will recieve a random Duelist League card plus a chance to win random prizes including playmats, Yu-Gi-Oh! figures, tournament packs, boosters and much more :)

Tournaments and League play are officially sanctioned by Konami.

Parents of younger children can stay in the club while the event is running if they wish. One spectating parent per child, additional spectators £2.50.