Kill Team: Advance Team Starpulse

Games Workshop

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An expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, this box includes 12 plastic miniatures, a scenery set (with exclusive rules!), and brand-new Tactics and Mission cards. Included:

  • A 10-man set of Fire Warriors – these can be built as a Strike Team or Breacher Team
  • A scenery set – the Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Line – supplied on dark grey-coloured plastic;
  • 11 Tactics cards and 2 Mission cards
  • An 8-page booklet describing Advance Team Starpulse
  • 12 datacards for Advance Team Starpulse
  • A sheet of card gaming tokens, including:
    • 10 Move/Charge tokens
    • 10 Fall Back/Advance tokens
    • 10 Shaken tokens
    • 10 Ready/Shoot tokens
    • 6 Objective tokens.