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Spike! Journal Issue 10

Games Workshop

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All 36 hilarious pages of this issue of Spike! Journal are packed to bursting with all the rules and advice a budding Snotling coach will need to play the ultimate underdogs in your games of Blood Bowl.

  • It’s Not Easy Being Green: the history of Snotlings in the game, as well as a breakdown of the major positionals
  • Profiles of famous Snotling teams
  • Star Player Spotlight: Ripper Bolgrot 
  • Dirt from the Dugout: Mindy Piewhistle digs into the current trend of hiring Snotlings at Blood Bowl stadiums
  • Star Player Spotlight: Fungus the Loon 
  • Chat with the Rat: Hackspit Quillchewer interviews Zibbit, an enterprising Snotling who has dedicated his career to improving the design of the Pump Wagon
  • Small, but Significant: Extensive and much-needed advice for playing, and winning, with Snotlings
  • Star Player Spotlight: Nobbla Blackwart 
  • Inducements and new Extraordinary Skills to give the little gits a leg up
  • A new episode of the Mighty Blow! comic