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Disney Winnie The Pooh With Squeaker Rustling Foil


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Disney Winnie the Pooh is cosiness in bear form. This cute playmate is well-known as a lovable companion. He's a slow-paced and jovial fellow who spends his time pursuing a single passion—eating honey. This cream-coloured bear has lovingly embroidered eyes, eyebrows and mouth in a brown tone. His stubby nose is also brown. Winnie the Pooh's pink shirt can be taken on and off. He helps children develop perceptual senses thanks to the rustling foils in his ears and the squeaker sewn into his belly. The Disney Winnie the Pooh is a particularly versatile and lovable playmate. When you're with him, you can sit around talking about anything and everything. But his favourite activity is to be held tight in your arms and cuddled. Touching the soft plush fabric made for your baby's soft skin feels simply wonderful. The two playmates will fall asleep together and dream of delicious honey trees.