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LOTR: Battle Of Pelennor Fields

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  • Théoden, King of Rohan on Foot and Horseback: this character is supplied as 2 models, 1 on foot and 1 mounted and charging.
    • Both models feature options for a helmeted or unhelmeted head, and both are clad in heavy armour, and armed with his sword, Herugrim.
    • On foot, Théoden holds a shield; mounted, that shield is stowed
  • 12 Warriors of Rohan: foot-soldiers who make up the rank and file of the armies of Rohan. 4 models are armed with bows, 4 with hand weapons and shields, and 4 with spears and shields
  • 12 Riders of Rohan: horse-masters beyond compare, renowned for their great skill and bravery. 4 are armed with spear and shield, 4 with bows, 2 with swords and shields, and 2 with axes and shields
  • 20 Warriors of the Dead: restless spectral images of their former selves. 14 are armed with hand weapons, and 6 with spears
  • The Witch-King of Angmar on Fell Beast: the greatest of the Nazgûl, the Witch-King of Angmar carries a sword, wears the Crown of Morgul and attacks with the Fell Beast’s teeth and claws
  • A Mordor Troll
  • 36 Morannon Orcs – 18 carry hand weapons and shields and 18 carry spears and shields


  • This box contains the complete, unabridged 208-page hardback Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual
  • As well as this, there’s a 16-page booklet – this contains the scenarios and profiles you’ll use in conjunction with the Rules Manual to recreate the Battle of Pelennor Fields with the miniatures in this box.
  • 4 Scenarios are included to play through – Charge of the Rohirrim, Théoden’s Last Stand, The March of the Dead and The Battle of Pelennor Fields – each of these in turn adds more and more miniatures from the box, increasing the scale of the battles as you play.

A selection of gaming accessories are included, necessary for play:

  • 12 6-sided dice;
  • A 12" Rohan range ruler;
  • A 12" Mordor range ruler;
  • A double-sided sheet of punch-out tokens, used in game to denote effects and statuses of models.