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Drunken Sailor

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Drunken Sailor is about the tales from the sea that a rowdy group of sailors have expeirenced together. Their memories are a bit foggy due to the harsh conditions at sea, and on shore. 

To jog their memories, the sailors take turns collectively drawing an object from last night's adventure. THe drunken sailor, who remembers nothing, has no idea what is being drawn but plays along in order to keep their identity a secret. 

Be careful though! If a sailor draws too much of an object, it may tip off the drunken sailor. Then again, if a sailor draws too little it may lead the others to think they are the drunken sailor. 

After two rounds, the voting begins! The sailors win if they can correctly identify the drunken sailor. The drunken sailor wins if they can stay hidden - or figure out what the object is that everyone is drawing. 

  • Ages 16+
  • 3-8 Players
  • 20 mins