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Huge Ship Conversion Kit

Fantasy Flight Games

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  • Launch your Star Wars™: X-Wing game into bigger battles with the Huge Ship Conversion Kit! This kit contains the components to upgrade your huge ship experience from the First Edition to the Second Edition, including ship cards, upgrade cards, and ship tokens, as well as a new maneuver tool, new huge ship damage deck, and more!
  • Many of these ships served in mulitple conflicts, of course, and you'll also find entirely new components here that allow you to field a huge ship no matter which faction you choose.
  • Finally, this kit features a variety of new upgrades exclusive to huge ships, including Commands, Teams, Cargo, and potent Hardpoints that grant additional attacks.

Included in this box set are:

  • 10 Ship Cards:
  • 8 Command, Crew Upgrades
  • 1 Sensor Upgrade
  • 10 Hardpoint Upgrades
  • 1 Cannon Upgrade
  • 2 Turret Upgrades
  • 2 Torpedo Upgrades
  • 4 Missile Upgrades
  • 3 Crew Upgrades
  • 4 Gunner Upgrades
  • 14 Team Upgrades
  • 8 Cargo Upgrades
  • 3 Illicit Upgrades
  • 1 Device Upgrade
  • 19 Title Upgrades
  • ​2 Configuration Upgrades