Chicken Cha Cha Cha

Rio Grande Games

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Today, there is chaos in the chicken yard!!!

Chickens are learning to dance in the yard by completing circuits. For your chicken to do the "cha cha cha" the chicken needs to run past every other chicken and steal their tail feathers. The first player to collect all of the tail feathers wins. 

A creative memory game that ties memory to pawn movement. The first player to successfully memorize the images on the tiles, both from their own turns and from watching other players flip the octagons on their turns, will be able to move their chicken around the yard without stopping, and in doing so will win the game. The placement of the octagons is random, so the challenge is fresh each game.


  • 24 Egg shaped track tiles
  • 12 Octagonal chicken yard tiles
  • 4 Chickens (2 female and 2 male)
  • 4 Tail feathers
  • 1 Rules sheet



  • 2-4 players 
  • Ages 4 +
  • 15-20 minutes