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Warhammer 40K: Speed Freeks

Games Workshop

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Contained in the box:


A 24-page core rules manual:
- Start Yer Enginz!: a description of the wastelands of Vigilus
- General Rules: a quick overview of basic items to use
- The Game Round: explanations of the 4 basic Phases of the game
- Rukks: 4 scenarios to play out
- Additional Rules: some optional rules which, while not necessary to playing Speed Freeks, can be used to add extra depth.
- Campaigns: a guide to playing campaigns
- Da Showroom: a selection of painted Citadel miniatures


Speed Freeks includes 8 multi-part plastic vehicle miniatures, along with a set of barricades used in-game:

- A Kustom Boosta-Blasta
- A Shokkjump Dragsta
- 6 Warbikers
- A set of barricades

Extras and accessories:

- 12 datacards, providing the rules and stats for vehicles
- 48 damage cards
- 24 Kustom Job cards, describing upgrades models can gain
- 4 folded card double-sided gameboards, which can be set up in a variety of configurations
- 2 Speed Freeks dashboards and screens
- 2 sheets of tokens, fire arc markers and movement templates
- A plastic range ruler
- 20 special 6-sided Speed Freeks dice (10 red, 10 yellow)
- 1 8-sided dice